Emily Mortimer
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Lars and the Real Girl (2007)
Barry Munday (2007)
[ Zooey Deschanel ][ Jennifer Coolidge ][ Amy Adams ][ Dianne Wiest ][ Lily Tomlin ]
Who Killed Norma Barnes? (2006)
[ Emily Blunt ]
Chaos Theory (2006)
[ Vanessa Marcil ][ Nikki Cox ][ Sarah Chalke ][ Molly Simms ][ Elisabeth Harnois ]
Paris, je t'aime (2006)
[ Natalie Portman ][ Maggie Gyllenhaal ][ Miranda Richardson ][ Juliette Binoche ][ Gena Rowlands ]
The Pink Panther (2006)
[ Beyoncé Knowles ][ Kristin Chenoweth ][ Barbara Harris ]
Match Point (2005)
[ Scarlett Johansson ]
Hauru no ugoku shiro (2004)
[ Jena Malone ][ Lauren Bacall ][ Blythe Danner ][ Jean Simmons ][ Liliana Mumy ]
Dear Frankie (2004)
Bright Young Things (2003)
[ Stockard Channing ][ Imelda Staunton ][ Harriet Walters ][ Penny Ellington ]
Young Adam (2003)
[ Tilda Swinton ][ Kyla Irlam ]
The Sleeping Dictionary (2003)
[ Jessica Alba ][ Brenda Blethyn ]
Nobody Needs to Know (2003)
[ Carmen Hawk ]
A Foreign Affair (2003)
[ Megan Follows ]
Jeffrey Archer: The Truth (2002)
[ Greta Scacchi ][ Polly Walker ]
The 51st State (2001)
Lovely & Amazing (2001)
[ Catherine Keener ][ Brenda Blethyn ][ Lee Garlington ][ Kristen Dalton ]
The Kid (2000)
[ Jean Smart ][ Lily Tomlin ][ Melissa McCarthy ][ Dana Ivey ][ Juanita Moore ]
The Miracle Maker (2000)
[ Miranda Richardson ][ Julie Christie ]
Love's Labour's Lost (2000)
[ Alicia Silverstone ][ Natascha McElhone ][ Stefania Rocca ]
Scream 3 (2000)
[ Courteney Cox ][ Neve Campbell ][ Parker Posey ][ Carrie Fisher ][ Jenny McCarthy ]
Killing Joe (1999)
[ Ellie Haddington ]
Notting Hill (1999)
[ Julia Roberts ][ Mischa Barton ][ Shania Twain ][ Lauryn Hill ]
Noah's Ark (1999)
[ Mary Steenburgen ][ Carol Kane ]
Cider with Rosie (1998)
[ Juliet Stevenson ]
Elizabeth (1998)
[ Cate Blanchett ][ Kelly MacDonald ][ Fanny Ardant ][ Kathy Burke ][ Amanda Ryan ]
Coming Home (1998)
[ Keira Knightley ][ Joanna Lumley ][ Susan Hampshire ][ Carol Drinkwater ][ Gruschenka Stevens ]
The Saint (1997)
[ Elisabeth Shue ][ Jolijn Spek ]
Heartstones (1996)
The Last of the High Kings (1996)
[ Christina Ricci ][ Catherine O'Hara ]
The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)
[ Barbara Harris ]
Lord of Misrule (1996)
Sharpe's Sword (1995)

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An attractive and talented actress who is as comfortable in historical dramas as in modern day thrillers and comedies, Emily Mortimer was born in Great Britain in 1971. Mortimer's father is author John Mortimer, best known for his series of Rumpole of the Bailey mystery novels, and she seems to have absorbed her father's literary influence — before her career as an actress took off, Mortimer wrote a column for the London Telegraph, and she's served as screenwriter for an screen adaptation of Lorna Sage's book Bad Blood. Mortimer was a student at the prestigious St. Paul's Girls School when she first developed an interest in acting, appearing in several student productions. After graduating from St. Paul's, she moved on to Oxford, where she majored in Russian. Mortimer found time to perform in several plays while studying at Oxford, and while acting in a student production she impressed a producer who cast her in a supporting role in a television adaptation of Catherine Cookson's The Glass Virgin in 1995. Several more television roles followed, including the British TV movie Sharpe's Sword, before she won her first film role, playing the wife of John Patterson (Val Kilmer) in 1996's The Ghost and the Darkness. Mortimer had a much showier role in the Irish coming-of-age story The Last of the High Kings, released later the same year, and in 1998, Mortimer played Miss Flynn in the TV miniseries Cider With Rosie, which was adapted for television by her father, John Mortimer. Also in 1998, Mortimer appeared as Kat Ashley in the international hit Elizabeth, and in 1999, she enjoyed three showy roles that raised her profile outside the U.K.: She was the ill-fated "Perfect Girl" dropped by Hugh Grant in Notting Hill, appeared as Esther in the American TV miniseries Noah's Ark, and was Angelina, the star of the film-within-a-film, in the upscale slasher flick Scream 3. In 2000, Mortimer was cast as Katherine in Kenneth Branagh's ill-fated musical adaptation of Love's Labour's Lost, but the experience had a happy ending for her — she met actor Alessandro Nivola, and the two soon fell in love and have been together ever since. That same year, Mortimer took on her biggest role in an American film to date, playing opposite Bruce Willis in The Kid, and 2002 promised to be a big year for her, with major roles in two major releases — The 51st State, starring opposite Samuel L. Jackson, and a key supporting character in John Woo's war drama Windtalkers.

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