Fiona Lewis
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Innerspace (1987)
[ Meg Ryan ][ Andrea Martin ]
Charlie Barnett's Terms of Enrollment (1986)
[ Zsa Zsa Gabor ][ Cathy Lee Crosby ]
Strange Invaders (1983)
[ Nancy Allen ][ Louise Fletcher ][ Diana Scarwid ][ June Lockhart ]
Strange Behavior (1981)
[ Louise Fletcher ]
Wanda Nevada (1979)
[ Brooke Shields ]
Double Take (1979)
The Fury (1978)
[ Daryl Hannah ][ Amy Irving ][ Laura Innes ][ Carrie Snodgrass ]
Stunts (1977)
[ Joanna Cassidy ][ Candice Rialson ]
Tintorera (1977)
[ Pricilla Barnes ][ Susan George ]
Drum (1976)
[ Pam Grier ][ Paula Kelly ][ Brenda Sykes ]
Lisztomania (1975)
[ Nell Campbell ][ Georgina Hale ][ Anulka Dziubinska ]
Blue Blood (1973)
[ Anna Gael ]
Dracula (1973)
[ Blair Brown ]
Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972)
[ Caroline Munro ]
Fossés de Vincennes, Les (1972)
Villain (1971)
[ Sheila White ]
The Chairman's Wife (1971)
A Day at the Beach (1970)
[ Beatie Edney ]
Where's Jack? (1969)
[ Caroline Munro ]
Joanna (1968)
[ Caroline Munro ][ Genevieve Waite ][ Jenny Hanley ][ Jane Bradbury ]
Otley (1968)
[ Romy Schneider ]
The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967)
[ Sharon Tate ]
Smoke Over London (1966)
[ Caroline Munro ]
Dis-moi qui tuer (1965) 100 Hot DVDs

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Sometimes brunette, sometimes redheaded, British actress Fiona Lewis was always easy on the eyes. Lewis's acting style was graced with an ethereal air that worked well in horror/fantasy efforts like The Fearless Vampire Killers (1971), Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1973), and the TV-Movie Dracula (1973), in which she played the unfortunate Lucy. Later roles in films like Lisztomania (1978) have emphasized Lewis's quiet sensuality, while her parts in such films as Strange Invaders (1983) and Innerspace (1987) have tapped an engaging kinky streak. And how can one classify her work in The Fury (1978), in which her "reward" for attempting to mess with Amy Irving's telekinetic powers is to be blown to smithereens? Whenever she's found the time, Fiona Lewis has dabbled in screenwriting, though thus far none of her works have been filmed.

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