Jaquee Saunders
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The People vs. Nancy Preston (1925)
Faint Perfume (1925)
Flames of Desire (1924)
Broken Laws (1924)
The Courageous Coward (1924)
Great Diamond Mystery (1924)
Alimony (1924)
Defying Destiny (1923)
Shattered Reputations (1923)
The Infamous Miss Revell (1921)
Puppets of Fate (1921)
The Scuttlers (1920)
Drag Harlan (1920)
Dad's Girl (1920)
Muggsy (1919)
The Miracle of Love (1919)
Someone Must Pay (1919)
Bab the Fixer (1917)
Betty Be Good (1917)
A Bit of Kindling (1917)
The Checkmate (1917)
The Wildcat (1917)
Sunny Jane (1917)
The Grip of Evil (1916)
The Twin Triangle (1916)
The Girl Who Won (1916)
The Shrine of Happiness (1916)
The Child of the West (1916)
The Flirting Bride (1916)
The Heart Breakers (1916)
A Bolt from the Sky (1915)
The Woman of the Sea (1915)
The Adventures of a Madcap (1915)
Pearls of Temptation (1915)
The Tomboy (1915)
The Acid Test (1915)
Saved from Himself (1915)
The Perils of Temptation (1915)
A Rose Among the Briars (1915)
Ill Starred Babbie (1914)
The Square Triangle (1914)
The Will o' the Wisp (1914)
The Intrigue (1914)
Eyes That Cannot See (1914)
Fatty and the Bandits (1913)
The Old Bookkeeper (1912)
Through Darkened Vales (1911)

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William Powell


Jacqueline (Jackie) Saunders was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 6, 1892. She was a young 22 years old when she first appeared in the silent movie, THE WILL O' THE WISP. She stayed fairly busy throughout her career. She was an actress who wasn't as noticed as some others. She was pretty, but not beautiful. She was talented, but nothing that was overwhelming. After THE PEOPLE VS. NANCY PRESTON in 1925, Jackie left films for good. She died in Palm Springs, California on July 14, 1954. She was 62 years old.

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