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The Greatest Show Ever (2007)
Novel Romance (2007)
[ Sherilyn Fenn ][ Mariette Hartley ]
Crazy Eights (2006)
[ Dina Meyer ][ Gabrielle Anwar ]
The Chosen One (2006)
[ Laura Prepon ][ Danielle Fishel ][ Rachel Blakely ][ Debra Wilson ]
The Wild Bunch (2005)
True Crime: New York City (2005)
[ Mariska Hargitay ][ Tia Texada ][ Dawnn Lewis ]
Frostbite (2005)
Ground Control II: Operation Exodus (2004)
[ Jennifer Hale ][ Kath Soucie ]
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (2004)
Home (2003)
[ Charisma Carpenter ]
Deathlands (2003)
Manhood (2003)
[ Janeane Garofalo ][ Bonnie Bedelia ][ Meredith Monroe ][ Lauren Tom ][ Barbara Williams ]
Black Mask 2: City of Masks (2002)
Defender (2002)
They Shoot Divas, Don't They? (2002)
[ Jennifer Beals ][ Molly Hagan ]
Terminal City (2001)
Checkmate (2001)
Requiem (2001)
You're Killing Me... (2001)
[ Julie Bowen ]
Chump Change (2001)
[ Anne Meara ][ Amy Stiller ][ Betsy Monroe ]
The Vessel (2000)
Certain Guys (2000)
[ Melora Hardin ]
Epicenter (2000)
Me and Will (1999)
[ Julie McCullough ][ Grace Zabriskie ][ Sherrie Rose ]
D.R.E.A.M. Team (1999)
[ Angie Everhart ][ Tracy Bingham ][ Brenda Schad ]
Stir (1998)
[ Karen Black ]
Blade (1998)
[ Sanaa Lathan ][ Barbara Harris ]
Extramarital (1998)
Boogie Boy (1998)
[ Emily Lloyd ][ Linnea Quigley ][ Joan Jett ]
Nowhere (1997)
[ Denise Richards ][ Heather Graham ][ Christina Applegate ][ Mena Suvari ][ Shannen Doherty ]
Full Blast (1997)
Primal Scream (1997)
[ Caitlin Wachs ]
Ambition in the Blood (1997)
[ Heather McComb ]
Underworld (1996)
[ Annabella Sciorra ][ Heidi Schanz ]
Dead Man's Island (1996)
[ Olivia Hussey ][ Barbara Eden ][ Morgan Fairchild ]
Blood Money (1996)
[ Katherine Armstrong ]
Virtuosity (1995)
[ Kelly Lynch ][ Kaley Cuoco ][ Alanna Ubach ][ Louise Fletcher ][ Heidi Schanz ]
Skinner (1995)
[ Ricki ]
As Good as Dead (1995)
[ Crystal Bernard ]
Lost Youth (1995)
Boxing Sydney (1995)
Another Perfect Day in Hell (1995)
They Shoot Mothers, Don't They? (1995)
They Shoot Mothers, Don't They?: Part 2 (1995)
[ Daphne Zuniga ][ Jasmine Guy ]
Ice (1994)
Serial Mom (1994)
[ Kathleen Turner ][ Suzanne Somers ][ Ricki ][ Brigid Polk ]
Bandit: Bandit's Silver Angel (1994)
Follow the Son (1994)
Plughead Rewired: Circuitry Man II (1994)
[ Deborah Shelton ][ Judy Tenuta ]
Dragstrip Girl (1994)
[ Natasha Gregson-Wagner ]
Ritmo del silenzio, Il (1993)
[ Denise Crosby ][ Randi Ingerman ][ Elizabeth Kaitan ]
Intent to Kill (1993)
[ Donna Baltron ]
The Tommyknockers (1993)
[ Joanna Cassidy ][ Marg Helgenberger ]
Laser Moon (1992)
The Nutt House (1992)
[ Catherine Bach ][ Stella Stevens ][ Constance Towers ][ Amy Yasbeck ]
Raw Nerve (1991)
[ Sandahl Bergman ]
Murder in High Places (1991)
[ Joyce Hyser ][ Judith Hoag ][ Lisa Kudrow ]
Shock 'Em Dead (1991)
[ Karen Russel ]
A Time to Die (1991)
Cry-Baby (1990)
[ Amy Locane ][ Ricki ][ Polly Bergen ][ Joey Heatherton ]
Object of Desire (1990)
[ Moira Chen ]
Tooth or Consequences (1989)
Fast Food (1989)
Not of This Earth (1988)
[ Katherine Gorzel ][ Kim Dawson ][ Kelli Maroney ][ Ava Cadell ][ Rebecca Perle ]
Traci, I Love You (1987)
[ Dominique Troyes ]
Fantasies (1986)
[ Kay Parker ]
Private Fantasies VI (1986)
Traci Takes Tokyo (1986)
Foxy Boxing (1986)
Trouble with Traci (1986)
Reincarnation of Don Juan (1986)
Hot Cum Orgy (1986)
Beverly Hills Copulator (1986)
Physical II (1985)
[ Julie Winchester ]
Porn in the USA (1985)
[ Amber Lynn ]
Wild Things (1985)
Perfect Fit (1985)
Dirty Pictures (1985)
[ Julie Winchester ]
Sex Shoot (1985)
[ Julie Winchester ]
Private Fantasies V (1985)
Young and Restless 2 (1985)
Tailhouse Rock (1985)
[ Julie Winchester ]
Harlequin Affair (1985)
Love Bites (1985)
[ Amber Lynn ]
Pleasure Party (1985)
Sex Fifth Avenue (1985)
Portrait of Lust (1985)
The Grafenberg Spot (1985)
[ Ginger Lynn Allen ][ Nina Hartley ][ Amber Lynn ]
Huge Bras 3 (1985)
It's My Body (1985)
[ Julie Winchester ]
Hollywood Heartbreakers (1985)
[ Amber Lynn ]
Sex Waves (1985)
[ Julie Winchester ]
Erotic Zones Vol. 1 (1985)
Jean Genie (1985)
Two-Timing Traci (1985)
Electric Blue 20 (1985)
Pony Girl 1 (1985)
[ Michelle Bauer ]
One Hot Night of Passion (1985)
Holly Does Hollywood (1985)
[ Amber Lynn ]
Sweet Little Things (1985)
Kinky Business (1985)
[ Ginger Lynn Allen ]
Aroused (1985)
Pony Girls 2 (1985)
[ Michelle Bauer ]
Just Another Pretty Face (1985)
Electric Blue 21 (1985)
Suzie Superstar II (1985)
[ Ginger Lynn Allen ]
Swedish Erotica 56 (1985)
Ladies in Lace (1985)
New Wave Hookers (1985)
[ Ginger Lynn Allen ]
Tracy in Heaven (1985)
Swedish Erotica 57 (1985)
[ Amber Lynn ]
Passion Pit (1985)
Peek a Boo Gang (1985)
Dream Lover (1985)
Adventures of Tracy Dick: The Case of the Missing Stiff (1985)
Hot Pink (1985)
Electric Blue 28 (1985)
[ Ginger Lynn Allen ]
We Love to Tease (1985)
Swedish Erotica 60 (1985)
Country Girl (1985)
Talk Dirty to Me, Part IV (1985)
Diamond Collection 69 (1985)
Sister Dearest (1985)
[ Ginger Lynn Allen ]
Sizzling Suburbia (1985)
[ Julie Winchester ]
Future Voyeur (1985)
Diamond Collection 73 (1985)
Black Throat (1985)
Another Roll in the Hay (1985)
Educating Mandy (1985)
Bad Girls III (1984)
Those Young Girls (1984)
[ Ginger Lynn Allen ]
What Gets Me Hot! (1984)
Miss Passion (1984)
[ Ginger Lynn Allen ]
Open Up Traci (1984)
Lust in the Fast Lane (1984)
[ Ginger Lynn Allen ]
Breaking It (1984)
The Sex Goddess (1984)
Sexy Shorts (1984)
[ Brinke Stevens ][ Linda Weismeier ]
Talk Dirty to Me, Part III (1984)
[ Ginger Lynn Allen ][ Amber Lynn ]
Night of Loving Dangerously (1984)
[ Ginger Lynn Allen ] 100 Hot DVDs

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Traci Lords is a study of a determined and complex woman with a very controversial background. Born and raised in Ohio as Nora Kuzma, she moved with her divorced mother and three sisters to Los Angeles at age 12. She ran away from home and began nude modeling at age 15, then adult films a year later.An incredibly developed, full-figured girl, she easily duped photographers, producers and directors (with the help of a false birth certificate and driver's license). Her stage name is a combination of Traci, from a former school friend, and Lords, in honor of her favorite male actor, Jack Lord ("Hawaii Five-O" (1968)). She later owned a white Persian cat named Mr. Steve McGarrett, the name of the character Lord played on the show. Traci made somewhere between 80 and 100 X-rated movies (some consisted mostly of leftover footage from previous shoots) between 1984 and 1986.In May 1986 she was arrested by FBI agents when it was discovered she was underage, which meant that any films with her in them were illegal to rent or buy, and video stores around the country rushed to remove them. The only legal porn movie Traci made was Traci, I Love You (1987) (V), which was filmed in Paris, France, on her 18th birthday. Since she controlled distribution rights, many people believed she orchestrated the revelation herself so she could be the only one to profit from her X-rated career. Many within the adult film industry made a tacit agreement to never promote Traci or talk about her, as they felt she betrayed the industry that had had been the source of her fame in the first place. The federal government tried to prosecute the producers of the movie Those Young Girls (1984) (V), the first adult film Traci appeared in, for child pornography. However, the case fell apart when the government admitted that it, too, had been duped when Lords traveled to Europe to shoot Traci, I Love You (1987) (V) on a fake passport. After her exile from adult films, she began to resurrect her life and fulfill her lifelong ambition to star in "mainstream" films.In 1987 she enrolled in the Lee Strasberg acting school, began voice lessons and built on her natural acting talents. Her first mainstream "break" came in Not of This Earth (1988), a remake of the classic Roger Corman sci-fi film from the 1950s. It was the last time that Traci would bare her breasts for the camera. Rare footage of a scene where she exits a shower has been seen as an outtake--Traci walks out of the shower, warning the cameramen to get ready to get the best look they could at her naked body. She jokes while draping the towel around her waist, turning her exposed chest to the camera, and then covers up. Her roles in subsequent films would see her placed in situations where there was much more left to the imagination than could actually be seen on screen for a public that only a few years earlier had seen virtually every facet of this beautiful girl.Throughout the 1990s her hard work got her a reputation as a reliable and respected actress, in addition to being a singer and an advocate for gay rights. Her recurring role in early 1995 as a sneering sociopath, Rikki, on "Melrose Place" (1992) was critically acclaimed and landed her more roles in other movies, playing villains and psychotic characters. In the latter half of the 1990s she appeared in several B movies that went straight to video and/or cable in lead, minor or cameo roles. She even guest-starred in a number of TV shows ranging from "Married with Children" (1987), "Roseanne" (1988), "MacGyver" (1985) and "Nash Bridges" (1996).She has always despised being referred to as "an ex-porn star", and resents the fact that a celebrity like Tim Allen can be forgiven by Hollywood for past transgressions (he was convicted and served prison time selling drugs while he was in college) but she still to this day bears the stigma of her porn years. It's probably the fantasy of the underage girl who fooled an entire industry, and, at the height of her career, was unquestionably the most popular actress with fans and filmmakers alike.Some of her most notable TV work was as a regular on season 2 of "Profiler" (1996) from 1997 to 1998 in playing the schizo-sicko serial killer Sharon Lesher, as well as the tough heroine Jordan Radcliffe during the last season of the sci-fi series "First Wave" (1998) from 2000 to 2001. She most recently has written her autobiography, published in 2003, and even tried her hand in writing and directing a short film which would lead her to another career as a writer-director of independent films.

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