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Burke and Hare (1972)
Lust for a Vampire (1971)
[ Suzanna Leigh ]
Carry on Loving (1970)
The Buttercup Chain (1970)
[ Leigh Taylor-Young ][ Jane Asher ]
Doctor in Trouble (1970)
[ Angela Scoular ][ Marcia Fox ]
Carry on Again Doctor (1969)
[ Shakira Caine ][ Barbara Windsor ][ Valerie Leon ][ Valerie Van-Ost ]
The Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Casino (1969)
Getting the Bird (1969)
Rallying Round... (1969)
Peace and Quiet (1969)
Some Girls Do (1969)
[ Joanna Lumley ][ Daliah Lavi ][ Sydne Rome ]
If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium (1969)
[ Joan Collins ][ Susan Pleshette ][ Anita Eckberg ][ Senta Berger ][ Elsa Martinelli ]
A Promise of Bed (1969)
[ Valerie Leon ][ Vanda ]
Scream and Scream Again (1969)
Zeta One (1969)
[ Valerie Leon ][ Anna Gael ]
Ragazza con la pistola, La (1968) 100 Hot DVDs

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A former au pair and model, Jytte Stensgaard emigrated to the UK in 1963, hoping to have a successful international film career. Changing her name to the slightly easier to pronounce "Yutte" Stensgaard she ironically didn't make her debut in a British film, but in the Italian movie Ragazza con la pistola, La (1968) (Girl with a Pistol) which did have some British backing. She then went on to appear in various British movies, mainly of the comedy or horror genre, most famously the lead role in Lust for a Vampire (1971), as well as several television guest roles.She also got a six-month stint hosting a game show with British king of comedy, Bob Monkhouse. After struggling with myopic casting directors, who could not see the beauty and budding talent before them and were happier to just keep casting more established but less beautiful women, Yutte finally gave up and emigrated to the USA in the mid-seventies and took up a job selling air time for a Christian radio station in Oregan.Understandably releuctant to make appearances at horror conventions when British film publicisits finally started to notice her when it was too late, she did relent and start appearing at a select few in the late 1990s, giving the non-fickle amongst her fans a chance to see her unique radiance once more.An inimitable beauty the likes of which has never been seen since, Yutte Stengaard was possibly the biggest loss to movies since that of Sharon Tate.

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